Breach Miami


André Wendland (b. 1995, Leonberg) studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe in the class of Tatjana Doll. In 2021, Wendland received the scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation.

André Wendland paints on a range of surfaces, including flat screens, antique tube TVs, and discarded cell phones, always with a cartoon aesthetic. Wendland’s work frequently features characters from the Simpsons or Mickey Mouse. Although Wendland isn’t always concerned with narrative representation, wit and humour are omnipresent. His motifs, as well as the formats, grew more image-filling and larger with time.

Wendland enjoys exhibiting his art in settings different than the typical studio environment or on white walls. The artist has displayed his car paintings on the streets of his city, for example, in search of environments that complement the theme of his images.


PLAYGROUND, group exhibition