Breach Miami


Contemporary Ukrainian artist, Dzvinya Podlyashetska (b. 1994), creates work that implements a bold and narrative style. The inner-workings of the mind are pushed forth across canvas and paper with a colorful and often comedic sense of expression. Podlyashetska presents us with images that are manifestations of life – an exploration of the desire to stay young.

The artist has continued to center her work around mental health, human interaction, and emotion. Inspired by looking inward, Podlyashetska captures everything from mundane moments to grand existential issues. Her pieces, at their core, present a dichotomy, as she handles both the tragedies and comedies of contemporary life. Insistent to “paint dark things with bright colors”, the artist is able to reveal a vibrant world that tells stories of heartbreak, serenity, oppression, and freedom.


WHEN YOU DON’T EXPECT, solo exhibition