Breach Miami


Celin’s work is greatly informed by his experience as an immigrant – the inner and outer struggles and triumphs inherent within the displacement of one’s life into the unknown. Born in Colombia, Celin migrated throughout Europe and currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. Firmly asserting his heritage upon the canvas is one way the artist expresses a sense of belonging, that illusive way of being that perpetually colors the immigrant experience.

Celin’s canvases simmer with life, unrestricted to one type or kind. He envisions, both conceptually and aesthetically, a fluid human experience – untethered to any ideas of homogeneity. His figures flow organically into one another and create stories that are meant to resonate with our present while writing a more inclusive and universal history. Navigating unfriendly worlds that offer only barriers and discrimination, Celin’s work breaks free of these boundaries that limit the expression of under-represented races, sexualities, and cultures. His paintings burst with energy and emotion as they convey the stories that need to be told and uplift the experiences of those who live between worlds.


PARADISIO, group exhibition

ART SCHOOL DROPOUT, solo exhibition

OH BABY, group exhibition

art school dropout